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IRZ: Remote Sensing:
High Resolution Digital Imagery
From Infrared to Aerial Watershed Analysis

IRZ's remote sensing division takes the guess work out by using advanced high resolution digital imagining, GPS and the latest GIS technologies. IRZ's Digital Aerial Infrared Imaging takes the guesswork out of over or under irrigation. Burnt spots, too much water, not enough water, and insects can be quickly and accurately detected. IRZ uses advanced high resolution digital aerial infrared to detect non-uniform irrigation in your fields for you to identify and correct problems.

Your images are viewable on a special password-protected part of our website. You can zoom in/out, lighten or darken an image, invert the colors, and print the image right at your own desktop. IRZ's experts in GIS can take care of all of your mapping needs. In addition, IRZ provides Thermal Infrared Inspections of your critical pumping plant to identify hot spots, power inefficiencies, and faulty or failing components.