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  • Designed U.S's largest agricultural Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) project
  • Soil moisture monitoring & irrigation scheduling for more than 250,000 acres annually
  • Hundreds of cluster designs
  • River pumping stations & Booster stations
  • Dozens of Water Conservation Plans
  • Hundreds of miles of Watershed Surveys/GIS Mapping
  • Thousands of miles of Aerial Thermal

IRZ: A Quarter of a Century of Experience & Expertise in Irrigated Water Resource Management.

Since 1984, IRZ's engineers, hydrologists and water resource management experts help growers move and distribute water for maximum efficiency on farms from 250 to 25,000 acres and pump stations from 50hp to 18,000hp. IRZ's team has extensive experience and industry recognized expertise in modern, state-of-the-art efficient and cost effective irrigation systems design and deployment.

IRZ helps agri-businesses, industries and agencies optimize their human, energy and water resources. From pump testing to Aquifer Storage Recovery, IRZ engineers are on the cutting edge of resource management and conservation technologies.